Good Boss Bad Boss Podcast Episode 7 Aileen C O'Reilly

Aileen C O’Reilly has had an interesting career and she was missing for nearly 15 years of it! Aileen is a freelance journalist who has tried it all in print journalism. She made her name as a music journalist in her 20’s and then dropped off the radar and was in the wilderness. Her story of getting back to journalism is as good a comeback kid story as you will ever hear. We don’t cover the bosses element as much as usual but we covered much, much more. Health, journalism and even a fight with Damon Albarn! Her tenacity is incredible - or as she would say “sometimes you have to be a bitch!”

During the interview Aileen mentions an article and as promised here it is.

I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you do too. Please share this with everyone you know.

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Stephen Naughton