How to get the most out of interview feedback

Yup, it's a bummer. You didn't get the job. That doesn't mean it can't be a valuable learning experience. If you ask the right questions you can hone your interview skills and make sure you are razor sharp for the next one.

The goal of feedback is to give you honest constructive material that will help you develop real-life examples and interview skills for future success. Here are some questions based on how I structure feedback as a hiring manager that you may find useful. Obviously you don't have to use all or any of them. Best of luck!

The Application

Interview feedback.jpg
  1. Did I interpret the role requirements correctly?

  2.  Was my application easy to read and understand?

  3. What aspects could I improve on in my application?

The Interview

Presentation: Did I make a good first impression?

Were you clear professional, casual, etc 

Tone: Was I clear in my tone and language?

Were you concise, avoid jargon, mumbling, etc


  1. Were my examples detailed enough and at the right level for the role?

  2. Which example was rated the highest and why?

  3. Which example was rated the lowest and why?

  4. hat would you say was the strongest aspect of my interview?

  5. What are some of the areas I need to develop further?

Look for a few words that you can take away and use as a foundation for the future. Look for areas that you can work on and develop.

The Future

Which area of development was the key differentiator between me and the successful candidate?

Stephen Naughton