How to be a Corporate Eagle

I recently had the joy of watching various birds of prey fly as part of an exhibition and it was majestic. The falconer (bird-man) explained that the eagle is so big that everything it does is focused on efficiency and energy conservation. It got me thinking about the lessons the eagle can teach us. The 'Always On' culture is deeply embedded in the working world. It feels like you have to be switched on 24/7 to succeed. The pressure can be crushing and in the worst cases can lead to complete breakdown. So how should you be to succeed?



Build your nest well - Sea Eagles build huge nests that are secure enough to withstand the worst storms. They know they have a safe place to retreat to when the clouds come. As workers we should spend time cultivating our own 'nests' and invest in our home life to make sure that when the stressful working day ends we will have somewhere safe and relaxing to return to. Be conscious of that transition from work to home and don't allow work to intrude in this sanctuary.

Be amazing at your talent - eagles are famed for their eye-sight and hunting skills. They don't try to be anything other than an eagle. Recognise your talent and be completely unapologetic about using it. Yes, of course you should be humble but you serve nothing but mediocrity by concealing the best of you each day. If you have people skills, use them. If you are a great data whizz, then immerse yourself in it. You will fly in your career because of what you are amazing at. 

Take your time and survey the environment - did you know that eagles only flap their wings for 2 minutes every hour? Some eagles only fly for 8 minutes a day! It can't afford to fly around aimlessly chasing every mouse or it will burn out and be unable to fly. Be really discerning in what work you chase and assess if it will add value to you and to your business. It's helpful to think of the Pareto Principle - 80% of your results will come from 20% of your effort. So sometimes it's ok to sit on a perch and watch what is going on without feeling the pressure to be active.

It's not easy but if you get the balance right, you'll soar!

Stephen Naughton